5 Curious Facts about Online Rummy

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Is the prolonged work from home phase messing with your mood? Then, indulging in a mesmerizing game of online rummy is absolutely a wonderful idea. Make the first move and you’ll get on with the flow of the game!

With so many gaming companies developing rummy apps nowadays, passionate players do not have to worry! So, if you’re an ardent fan, then knowing some fun facts can be enthralling for you. You’ll find an ample number of blogs enlightening you on tips of playing the game professionally, but is it always about the play? Won’t it feel great to be a know-it-all when it comes to your favorite game?

Read on, if you’re hungry for some interesting facts! Become a real pro of the game.

1. Rummy named after Rum Poker – Did you know?

When and where originally rummy originated is unknown. Some say it’s a Spanish, or Chinese or can be a French game. Keeping aside the controversies, the most interesting fact is the name “rummy” originated from “rum poker” which is a UK based word.

2. Rummy players are the brainy ones!

Not everyone can be a great rummy player. Just by learning the tricks, you’ll not make real-time money. You need to be really good at mathematics, attentive, and have a good visual judgment to be a winner at this game. You need professional skills on probability, card shuffling, sequencing, and calculations if you want to win the game. So, technically all types of games don’t make Jack a dull boy!

3. Do you know the record winning points?

If you’re a rummy player, then you’re quite familiar with “Rummy Master’s Hand”. Although there is no record of the longest played game of online rummy, however, there’s a record of 500 points which has not yet been broken by any player.

4. Play rummy and get rum

If you’re a die-hard fan of rummy, then this fact will surely amaze you! Do you know that previously people used to play rummy in the UK to get rum? Yes, as funny as it may seem, that was a tradition in the UK for rummy games. So, if you lose the game, then you’re supposed to buy a drink of rum for the winner. Sadly, with the introduction of rummy apps, it is no longer a physically played game!

5. Get rid of your stress with this game

Are you bored with your routine life? You can opt to play any online fantasy sport to get a refreshing kickstart to your boring schedule. But, if you chose online rummy, then it will definitely help you get rid of your stress as well. Pump up your brain, boost your adrenaline, and start analyzing the quick moves of your opponent.

Easy cash, fun playing options, and instant decision-making ability – makes rummy different from other online gaming platforms. While the world is going crazy about online rummy games, knowing about these fun facts can make you stand out in the crowd.

Start hacking your grey cells, play rummy, and win loads of cash – beyond your imagination!

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