5 Common Myths Surrounding the Indian Rummy Game

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How do you expect to play rummy games without getting to hear some spicy stories and controversies about the same? Myths always surround any kind of game of cards. From people who’ve never played the game, you’ll get to hear different theories and stories that’ll make rummy look like an illegal game.

However, the game is not as negative as it is projected by the non-players. Ask the pro rummy online game players and you’ll know the difference.

Here are listed some common misconceptions that people have about rummy.

1. Bots playing online rummy

That’s a common thought which naturally occurs to people who are playing the online rummy game. they think that online rummy means, the player on the other side is a robot! But that’s certainly not true because all rummy sites have millions of registered users who are playing against one another. Morning, day, and night – whenever you play, you’ll always find another player competing against you. Rummy is a brain game; the use of robots will defeat the purpose.

2. Black money from rummy

Any game where you have the option of earning lots of cash, makes the game look like betting or gambling and the money earned feels like illegal money. However, for Indian rummy online, you can easily check out the facts in any site which shows that the same is exempted under the gambling law. So whether you’re playing it for free, or you’re playing the same with money – either way round you’re doing a legal job!

3. Rummy is just one game

People who think that there’s no variation to rummy like poker, should go on and do some research before deciding to play on. Indian rummy has many popular versions and if that’s not enough for you, then you can also try out Pool games, Points Rummy, and Deals rummy. Just check out some of the popular online rummy sites and play the one you’re comfortable in.

4. Luck and fate can’t save you

Every newbie enters the rummy card game with the hope of getting lucky! However, that’s a myth. You would probably stand a chance of winning the game but not with fate rather with a good level of rationality your winning chances will increase further. So, practice practice and practice! Use your brain and built up strategies, because no amount of luck will favor you in this game.

5. Rummy is a waste of time

Really? Think twice. You’re going to get cash and this is going to get doubled with the passage of time. Moreover, consistent rummy players can improve their thinking, negotiation, decision-making skills. Does it still look like a waste of time? Even if you don’t win the cash, the mere excitement, and the adrenaline rush while playing the game is enough the refresh your body and mind.

Then what’s the harm in playing the game? You might be thinking of the addiction level, however, please be aware that addiction to any game or any physical thing is a personal decision. Don’t blame the game for the same! Play wisely and enjoy the game.

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