Top 4 Rummy Variants for Amateur Rummy Players

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When you’re new to anything, starting with the little things helps in building up the entire empire. There’s definitely need for a great plan if you want to do something great! Playing rummy online is one such thing. From the time rummy became online, millions of players got addicted to this game.

But if you think anyone can play rummy then you’re wrong. Good amount of brain work and logical skills are required. If you’re not completely dumb, then, learning to play rummy in app won’t be impossible! Ask any pro player and you’ll get to know of the popularity of the game. However, for a newbie, it’s important to make a wise selection before proceeding with the game.

Although, it’s completely a personal choice, however, Indian rummy has many variants. Here’s a list of the best 4 which are suitable for the sloppy beginners. Have a look. Make a wise decision before trying your hands-on rummy card game.

#1 Free Rummy games

Every good online rummy app has practice games in-built within the system. For beginners it is always advisable to take up these games and understand the rules. You’ll get all types of free games out there! Points, Gin or Indian – you’ll get the taste of every variations! But if you’re striving to get some real money out of the game, then it’s not possible. However, rather than overconfidently jumping into any game of rummy, it is better to gain some first-hand experience into the game.

#2 Gin Rummy

This is one of the simplest versions of Indian rummy. No strict rules. Just the player needs to get one thing clear in his head – get 100 or more points as soon as they get the cards. No sequence, no sets – only ways to earn the points. As soon as the player gets the points they need to declare. Easy enough? Playing this rummy game at the beginning boosts the confidence of the new players. Since they don’t need to remember much, hence this version of rummy is a good option! Like any other version of rummy, if you get a bad hand at gin rummy, then it’s not a loss day for you. Just discard the high value cards and get nearer to the desired points.

#3 Points Rummy

This is a type of 13 card rummy game and the player needs to play only for points. What’s the trick of the game? Very simple. The winner needs to get zero points to win the game. Again, an easier option for the beginners. While playing rummy online, the players should start with this game, so that they don’t have to meddle their mind. Very popular and fast game variant. This game is the best one.

#4 Contract Rummy

If you’ve set your hands at Gin rummy, then it’s time to experience the thrills at contract rummy. The rules are somewhat a mixture of Indian and Gin rummy. This is not a game suggested for the completely novice players who are using online rummy apps. However, you can play upto 7 deals per game. And each deal has a different contract. So, to win you need to finish the contract first. Once you’ve mastered this variation of rummy, you can start playing the advanced ones. Unlike the other variations here you get to play the Ace and the Joker cards as well!

Final thoughts

Even if you’ve the best rummy skills, then replenishing them from time to time is really necessary. Remember, anytime an opponent you thought was weak could turn the tables! So, practice can make you get better at this game. Have fun, win cash and keep playing rummy!

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