4 Smart Online Rummy Rules That Can Change Your Game

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Rummy has been there for ages. People are playing the game since eternity. Then why did it become popular again? Because the rules of the rummy card game have been changing from time to time. With the internet’s blessing, the game has again reinvented itself.

If you’re wondering, be assured that the basic rules of the game remain the same. With a little improvisation here and there, online rummy apps have built a new pace that exceeds the expectations of the online players.

Are you a new rummy player? Are you planning on playing online rummy in app? If yes, then reading on will definitely help you balance a winning stroke.

Rule 1: Wild cards rules

If you’ve played rummy at least once in your life, then you’re acquainted with the concept of a wild card. The rules are the same while playing rummy in app. Printed jokers are easy to identify as they are already visible. For wild joker, you can select any card randomly. For example, if you select 6 spades card, then any card with 6 as a value regardless of suits can act as a wild card. But in online rummy, there’s a twist to this rule! If you’ve chosen a printed joker in your turn of picking up the cards, then all Aces automatically become wild cards. Isn’t it good news? Just remember this the next time you’re playing. Stop being afraid and start playing flawlessly.

Rule 2: Rules of duplicate cards

There’ll be an ample number of times when you’ll find the same cards in your hands. What should you do in such cases? In online rummy app, while playing variants like points rummy, the most logical option is to drop the duplicate card. After all, you need to get rid of as many values as possible before declaring the same. However, use your brain. Have a close look at the cards in your hand. You can easily use one of them to form the sequence and the duplicate card to form the set! Not a bad idea. Right?

Rule 3: Rules about sets

Why target a big set when you have an easier option way out? Many pro rummy players think that by making a bigger set they’re going to achieve something great! Indian rummy is not a place of flaunting. When real money is involved, it’s better to fast in getting the sequences and sets rather than waiting for a longer time. According to online rummy rules, you can make a valid set with only 3 cards. Yes, it’s that much easy! Just gather up three same ranking cards and form a valid set.

Rule 4: Rules for sequences

Like sets, applying the same amount of logic for the sequences is essential. For those who have already played rummy online are aware of the fact that a sequence of 3 cards is enough to form a valid one. For pure sequence, just remember to not use a joker. Once you’re done with the pure sequence, getting an impure sequence is the easiest option. Just 3 cards of the same suit. That’s it! Does rummy still seem a very hard game to win? Hope not.

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