4 Popular Card Games for any Party Celebrations

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Card games are a great way to spend time during any party or celebrations. If you’re getting bored amongst the innumerable rituals, then starting a card game is an ideal way to kill boredom. Although online rummy has become a trend now, but when it comes to party or festival, traditional card games are a better option.

To add a dose of fun and thrill to your upcoming party, here’s a list of card games that you can try. They’ll definitely make your day more memorable.


If you want to add some life to your house party, then solitaire is the best option till date. Like online rummy, you can also play solitaire online by downloading the popular apps. As you play through the game, you’ll notice an uncanny calmness in your mind. So, rather than being excited and tensed during any party, indulge in solitaire and diffuse any kind of tension. Not only during the parties but you can also start playing solitaire to get rid of the sleepless nights.

Teen Patti

You can easily call it an Indian version of Poker. Rules are more or less same and the game is very simple. Rather than spending time in gossips, it’s better to gather all relatives at one place and set forth a game of Teen Patti. Some people may call it gambling. But it’s legal till the time you’re playing the game within the confined spaces. Although online rummy in app can be a great option but Teen Patti is also fun if the same is played with close friends.


If your family is against your playing poker in casinos, then try out the same in your home itself. Like playing rummy in apps, poker is also available in online platforms nowadays. This not only helps in creating a social interaction and bond between the Poker has gained popularity in India over the years. It is one of the most played games at the house parties. To play poker, you will need a deck of cards and some chips to represent the bets. Poker is also an exciting game which is generally used to interact, socialize, and bond with your family and friends. You can easily learn and play this game with your friends.


Rummy game – the best of the lot! Unquestionably rummy is the first choice of all Indian families. It has been a tradition for centuries in almost every Indian family to play rummy. It’s the best game that gets all the generations together. Just a deck of cards and a group of relatives and friends together makes rummy a memorable game in any event.

Good food coupled with good mood are enough to change the environment of the party and make people engaged. Are you planning a house party this weekend? Then, stock up on foods and drinks and call over your friends and relatives. Try out either of the card games and enjoy your evening to the fullest!

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