4 Advanced Online Rummy Tips for Pro Rummy Players

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There’re people and rummy game players who’ll gladly provide you with a huge number of tips and tricks. Using them will certainly take your game to a completely different level. However, online rummy is not a game that can be played by learning theoretically. You’ll be required to practice the game every now and then to get hold of the tactics effectively. Are you tired of reading through the articles that guide you on tips of becoming a pro player within a week?

Don’t worry, what you read here is something different from what you’ve been reading till now! This blog is exclusively for the professional players. You must already have played the game and should be acquainted with the technicalities of the same. Only then, you can go to the prof level!

When you move up to the pro level, these advanced tips will help you to win the game easily. If not winning then at least these tips will ensure that you don’t leave the game empty-handed. Hence, check out these advanced tips and make a comeback into the game.

Keep an invisible eye on the values of opponent’s cards

When you’re playing rummy in app, there’s no possibility to see the expressions of your opponent, thus bluffing becomes difficult. But you can keep an invisible eye on the discarded cards of your opponent. Obviously, the person on the other side is not stupid, hence whatever cards he has discarded are for the right type of reasons. So, if you want more points than your opponents, then check out the discarded cards and anticipate the type of sequence they’re planning!

Use joker for many other purposes

For many, joker is just a wild card. But, for pro players, joker is a surprise card as well. Players with years and years of experience in playing rummy game knows this trick. Let’s say that 7 red heart is the wild joker card, then discard the ones which are closer in sequence to this one. That is discard 6, 8, 9 and 10. When you discard so many high-valued cards, your opponent will get confused and will certainly not pick them up. What next? Your winning probability will increase.

Don’t always run behind sequences

You might get blogs telling you hundred times that sequences forming should be the ultimate goal of your life if you’re an online rummy player. Yes, you definitely need a pure sequence to win the game. but always winning is not possible. In the quench of getting the purest form of sequence, you may end up empty-handed! So, try and get rid of cards as much as possible and keep your points down so that some amounts of cash come in.

Keep a bait and catch the fish

From the moment you discard the high-valued cards, keep a note on the ones that your opponent is picking up. For example, if you discard the king of hearts, and your opponent picks it up, then be sure that he is forming a sequence somewhat like this – K, Q, J, 10 and so on. Now the trick is to not discard any card close to the such sequences. Keep your opponent struggling for the right cards.

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