3 Favorite Games of Every Online Female Players

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When it comes to online gaming, the face of a male player always come up in the minds. Participation by female players seems vulnerable. However, whether its online rummy apps, or any other online gaming options, female participation has been surging.

There’re a lot of games which are nowadays made especially keeping in mind the choice of the female players. Women haven’t explored the online gaming industry to the fullest. There’re a lot of opportunities which are still unexplored. Indian rummy for instance was a game of male Indians previously. However, now things have changed. Women are making thousands and lakhs by playing rummy online.

Here are the top three favorites of the women online gamers right now!

Candy Crush:

Certainly, one of the most downloaded games, Candy crush is undoubtedly a very good game to keep the female gamers engaged. Records show that around 50% of the female gamers loves playing candy crush. You may ask why. The sole reason being unlike fantasy cricket or some other male centric games, candy crush is an interesting one. It requires a lot of concentration, rational thinking, patience and thought process especially at the advanced level of the game. Unlike online rummy games, here no real money or cash prizes are involved. Rather the only objective of the game is to give entertainment to the gamers.

Online rummy:

Regardless of the fact that rummy has been in existence from a long time, the concept of playing rummy card games on app is considerably a new one. The game has a lot of female fanbase. Especially during the pandemic, the game attained new heights and along with impressive promotions from different online rummy apps, the number of female gamers has increased. Regardless of their professions or age, women love playing this game. Its like a source of energy for them and they also get the option of earning in lakhs and millions which is more attractive. Anything that offers real cash is attractive to women. Moreover, the versions of rummy like gin rummy and 13 card rummy are quite easy to adopt and very thrilling which literally attracts the attention of the female gamers all across the globe.

Online poker:

It may sound weird but poker is also a hot favorite game of all female players. Poker requires a lot of brain and patience. Especially if you’re indulging in poker tournaments. Since the game involves patience, hence its one of the most suitable ones for the female counterparts of a family. Like playing rummy online, downloading and playing poker online is now easy as there are many apps available. Although the number of poker players that too female is difficult to be found in India, but the numbers are quiet high in western countries. Since these games are available in online format, hence it’s really easy for women to play them anytime they want. There’s no hard and fast rule that they need to adhere to while playing such games.

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